My name is Vivek Panchananam, and I recently graduated from the University of Kansas where I studied Biology and Philosophy. I have been interested in health care since my sophomore year of high school and after my time with National Health Corps (NHC) I plan to attend medical school. My hobbies/interests include playing sports, music and experiencing new cultures. During high school I gathered relevant experience by volunteering at a local hospital, and during my undergraduate career I was involved in a variety of science and health related positions including research assistant, pharmacy technician and, most recently, a medical scribe. 

It is a great privilege to be given the opportunity to serve as a Health Educator for NHC Chicago. During my year of service with NHC, I look forward to combining my passions in leadership, healthcare and service on a community scale. I hope to become more culturally competent by hearing the stories of the people we serve, and connecting them with resources to better understand their health. While collaborating with other NHC members, I look forward to working to meet the needs of the underserved citizens of Chicago for their health care needs. Moreover, I am excited to see how this opportunity will provide me with experiences that will eventually make me a better future health care provider.

This blog post was written by NHC Chicago 2018-19 member Vivek Panchananam.

Vivek will be a Health Educator at Erie Family Health Center- Amundsen.