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Pittsburgh Named Most Livable City in the U.S...AGAIN!

"Pittsburgh has been named the “most livable city” six times since 2000 by The Economist, Forbes and Places Rated Almanac. It also has landed on more than 200 “best” lists including “40 Prettiest Cities in the World”.


Our new members flying high at Camp Guysuta's rope course during our pre-service orientation!


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"The bulk of my service at the Allegheny County Health Department involves providing sexual health education to patients over the phone and promoting condom usage at outreach events. My day-to-day looks very different from a normal nine to five job, and when I tell people what I do on a daily basis, they often don’t know how to react. The truth is, sex and sexual health can be awkward things to talk about due to the sensitive and personal nature of the subject matter, and for this reason many people may feel uncomfortable with the topic. This can often make my position difficult, as I try to reach out to new patients and organizations to promote the Health Department's services and educate the general public."
Date of Publication: 02/16/2018
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"As a patient navigator, I contact and schedule patients who are overdue for preventative exams and health screenings, and I meet with patients who are new to SHHC to discuss the services we offer. Providing these healthcare services successfully has required guidance from many of the clinicians at SHHC. Lauren Bloom, primary care physician assistant (PA-C), is one of those providers, and she has been helpful in making my work at SHHC effective."
Date of Publication: 02/06/2018
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"Age is the main risk factor for the prevalent diseases of developed countries, including cancer and cardiovascular disease (WHO, 2015). Although aging is inevitable, the risks of developing these common health conditions and the severity of certain illnesses can be mitigated with better nutrition. Unfortunately, a growing number of older Americans are food insecure."
Date of Publication: 01/25/2018
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"Katie has her Master of Social Work and has been at SHHC for about six years. She is the Manager of Care Navigation, a role that encompasses social work services, care coordination, and advocacy for patients and the care coordination team. Having been a mentor to AmeriCorps members for several years, she has a good understanding of the value a year in AmeriCorps has on the population we serve as well as on the member. On a day to day basis it can be hard to see the bigger picture of how your service impacts the patient because many of my meaningful interactions with patients are over the phone. I decided to sit down and interview Katie to help clarify the broad impacts of my service."
Date of Publication: 01/12/2018
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"Three months ago, I packed up my Grand Prix with all of my possessions, left Michigan, and started driving east. What first struck me was the view. Driving into Pittsburgh on 376-E takes you through the Fort Pitt Tunnel. As soon as you leave the tunnel, the beauty of the city strikes you — you’re dumped out onto the Fort Pitt Bridge, headed directly for downtown; sunlight reflects off PPG Place buildings, and all is right with the world. To your right is the Monongahela River and Smithfield Street Bridge. To your left is the Point Park fountain and the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, from which the Ohio is born. Pittsburgh truly is a beautiful city, textured by three magnificent rivers, 90 distinct neighborhoods, 446 bridges, and all the hills and ridges characteristic of Appalachia."
Date of Publication: 01/03/2018
Author: Rebecca.Russell

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