Making a difference, judgement free

Making a Difference, Judgment Free
Doing AmeriCorps has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Over the course of the last year, I have sharpened many skills that I will carry through the rest of my life. Not only has AmeriCorps given me an opportunity to get real-world experience at a young age, it has provided me with critical thinking skills that will be used every day moving forward.  I joined National Health Corps Pittsburgh because I’m passionate about providing equal opportunities and access to health care for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Health care is a right. Nobody should have to avoid going to their doctor because they don’t have insurance. No one should suffer through pain and wait out symptoms for a fear of facing judgment toward themselves or their situations. As members of National Health Corps, we serve vulnerable populations: the disabled, the homeless, refugees etc.  I believe that the work we do helps to provide non-judgmental health care to those who need it most. In my year of service, the biggest thing I’ve learned is never to judge someone for their situation.  I’ve heard countless stories of hardship, loss, and unexpected disaster from ordinary people pushing through their daily lives. What you think you may know about someone is rarely the full story, and it’s important to keep that in mind. 

I think it says a lot about our healthcare system that there is a popular fictional TV series where the main character resorts to making and selling drugs to pay for his cancer treatments and reduce the burden on his family. This character wasn’t even from a low-income household. Now imagine the burden of even the smallest lapse in well-being on someone that has no house or family to rely on for support. General wellness may not even be on a person’s radar when paying rent, keeping food on the table, or maintaining mobility are the things that take priority.  Everyone deserves access to health care, and I believe we are a part of the solution for those facing barriers. As members of National Health Corps Pittsburgh, we serve as gatekeepers to health care. We serve as educators, disseminating necessary health information to vulnerable populations. We serve as motivators to empower our clients to make healthy choices. We serve as advocates for our clients who have been over-looked by others. We serve because we care about all humans and their right to live a healthy life.